Rita Duffy
& Tim Millen

Rita Duffy & Tim Millen

OCT 28 – NOV 11 2023
Artists: Rita Duffy & Tim Millen

Two Belfast born artists, Tim Millen and Rita Duffy will be showing with the gallery for the first time this November. These two exhibitions run concurrently.

On the last day of his current exhibition, Sat Dec 1st, from 3 – 5pm, he will be talking about his work in conversation with Rosemarie Noone of Claremorris Gallery. Refreshments will be served, admission is free and all are welcome to attend.

OCT 28 – NOV 11, 2023
wed to sat, 1 – 6pm, or by appointment

Tim Millen

About the work

This body of work explores ecology, mythology and place. The show builds thematically on works exhibited earlier this year in ‘New Exits’ at The MAC, Belfast. Millen’s recent work introduces a cast of creaturely forms navigating their own struggle to make sense of the world they inhabit, of the space of their own bodies, and their desire for a more certain future. This is an earthy world where the boundaries between human, animal and fauna begin to dissolve and reassemble. Forming new symbioses or rivalries in response to escalating changes to the natural order. The works celebrate the pleasure and physical matter of painting. They explore how specific characteristics or ideas can be embedded in the material. Can the paint itself be creaturely, calamitous, reassembling, fused with hope?

Tim Millen Artist

Rita Duffy

About the work

This collection of works has been brought together from a previous large scale installation. The smaller works require a more detailed viewing, each little votive image a treasure in itself. The work resulted from my pre-pandemic enquiries into folk cures and magic that resulted in extensive travels in South America. There are symbols of rebirth, transformation and healing. The ‘ouroboros’ is a symbol of eternity and the continual renewal of life.

Everything is worthwhile if the soul is not small.

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