COPE | Continuum

COPE | Continuum

July 6 – July 27 2024
Artist: Elizabeth Cope

COPE | Continuum is an exhibition by Elizabeth Cope, taking place in Claremorris Gallery from July 6th to July 27th. Gallery hours 1 – 6pm Wednesday to Saturday

The show will present new large-scale paintings by the artist, exhibited alongside significant works from Cope’s expansive career, which spans more than fifty years. Continuum embodies a seamless flow between various artistic phases, with each piece standing alone in its significance, while contributing to a broader narrative that connects past, present, and future creations.

Through Cope’s varied body of work runs a thread of vibrant expression and vigorous exploration, weaving through multiple periods and styles, maintaining consistent engagement with personal and universal themes. This continuity is here again in her large-scale new paintings; a natural progression of earlier key works. Each painting is a snapshot of a moment in Cope’s irrepressible visual voyage of discovery, which circles with adventure, and always returns to the core of her creative inquiry; struggle. Continuum underscores Cope’s unwavering exploration of the human condition, the natural world, and above-all a deep love of paint.

In the artist’s own words, “Like many of the artists I admire I begin with a struggle. Without the struggle occurring in making a painting, I feel that the process of trying to paint is not wholly alive. It is the struggle that counts. In painting there is no resolution; it is an ongoing act.”


Each carefully placed piece in this exhibition enriches and is enriched by the next giving us a comprehensive representation of Cope’s creative journey to date.

Elizabeth Cope artist

COPE | Continuum opens at Claremorris Gallery on 6th July and runs until 27th July and thereafter by appointment.

Gallery hours 1 – 6pm, Wednesday to Saturday or by appointment.


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